Friday 13th May 6 - 8 pm


For Museums at Night 2011, hundreds of museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage sites are unlocking their doors for special evening events over the weekend of May 13-15.


On Friday 13th May CUBE Gallery will be opening late to give those who would not be able to attend the gallery during the day a chance to see our current exhibitions, but also to present a different context for viewing art to all visitors.


We will be opening our doors from 6 - 8 pm for an evening viewing of Rupert Griffiths: BORDERLANDS and the MSA Design Awards.


Rupert Griffiths: BORDERLANDS  

Galleries 1 + 2


The assemblage of works which form Borderlands looks at the tensions at play between the over-determined and legible places in the city and those places that are under-determined and under the radar. Offering an interpretation of the cities derelict and hidden landscapes; the work draws particularly from those fragmented spaces found around roads, rail, river and canal systems, and the physical infrastructures of our post industrial spaces.

The work uses materials, processes and techniques that are typically used to re-brand failed spaces undergoing redevelopment - the architectural models, computer renderings, slick surfaces, diagrams, photographs and tidy trees that are often employed to present an image of a cleaner, brighter, and fictional future. Here though, the work makes use of visual language in order to evoke the richness of dereliction.

The methods by which the work was produced - rapid prototyping technologies such as 3d printing, laser cutting, laser etching and glass panels - do not match the places they represent. This technological material language is hijacked in order to describe archetypal space, uncertain but known - an entrance, a bridge, an occluded alleyway. The cleaness of the objects and images belies the mental space they refer to, perhaps dark. 3D printed models of places on the edge - ruins, a dark underpass, a hole in the ground. This technology is often used to create architectural models, to communicate and describe, to lend legitimacy to plans, concepts and ideas. Here they are used to create models of failure, decay or uncertainty



MSA Design Awards


Gallery 3


The MSA exhibition is a showcase for the work of the architectural profession in the Greater Manchester region. The Design awards, held annually since 1995, are presented for buildings that have made a particularly positive contribution to the local environment and are judged, from the exhibited projects, by a jury consisting of architects and non-architects. In previous years, this forum has attracted many high quality submissions which showcase the talent of architects in the area, many of whom have also won both regional and national RIBA awards

Article added: 12 May 2011

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